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CS 330 – Data Base Systems



COURSE OVERVIEW: Welcome to the online learning environment of Breyer State University. We appreciate your choosing our programs for your educational experience. As your instructor, I hope that you shall enjoy this online course. After several years of teaching in both further and Higher education, I believe that learning of material is best achieved through individual research and analysis and case studies as opposed to memorization of facts and text. Therefore, this course contains no traditional examinations, but concentrates upon your opinion, your evaluation of the author’s discussions, and your research. Hence, you will be required to complete two assignments for this course.

This course introduces you to the major concepts and issues in the field of database systems. You will learn how to model databases using a number of techniques and approaches. You will also learn how to write SQL code to query data in a database and to write some more sophisticated coding using Oracle’s PLSQL. In addition, you will be made aware of certain issues and trends connected with database software.