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Our Faculty

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Breyer State Theology University’s faculty members are practiced, professionals. Their actions can back their words because they know what they’re teaching in theory and practice. Each faculty member holds an advanced degree to help you reach yours.

They have distinguished themselves in their respective fields of study. Most are currently participating in leadership roles across the globe. It would be unbefitting to summarize our over one-hundred university faculty members in just one page. That’s why we’ve compiled faculty profile pages that are dedicated to each professor.

You can get to know who’s teaching you and who will. Not to intimidate, but rather to better educate you on their background.

Our staff is at the heart of our objective to offer online students practical insight on what lies beyond the classroom. You’ll discover your industry from those who actually work in it.

Our professors, instructors, tutors, whatever you label them, offer top-notch learning, which blends theoretical knowledge with real world insights.

We desire the highest level of academic quality from students and our professors. If you want to be a member of our faculty, contact us at to learn more about our faculty selection process.

We carefully choose staff, as they are our most precious resource for attaining our goal of being a lasting top online college.