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PA 430 – Grant Writing



COURSE OVERVIEW: Welcome to Grant Writing, I am pleased to instruct you in this course, which will be a foundational course for the remainder of your studies in the bachelor program.

This is a “hands-on” course because rarely is a grant designed and written by a single individual. Students are required to write one paper, one Letter of Inquiry, one grant proposal and two tests.

• Students will choose a real or fictitious Community Based Organization (CBO) and check the Foundation Center on the Web or visit in person and write a report (5 pages maximum) of the funding availability for their area of interest. Students may use the details about the Meridian Mews Center as a model, which can be found in The Only Grant Writing Book You’ll Ever Need on pages 127-130.

• Students are required to write a relatively short (five pages maximum) Letter of Inquiry requesting funds for the CBO they selected for the two private foundations they have identified in their research. Students will select a project for their CBO that requires funding of no more than