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HCA 340 – Health Care Finance



COURSE OVERVIEW: Welcome to HCA/340 Health Care Finance, a Bachelor level course. This course is to prepare health care administrators for the responsibilities involved in maintaining a well-managed health care organization. Basic vocabulary, processes, functions and reports are presented in this course, including financial statements as commonly seen in health care environments. Topics covered include types of budgets; considerations for cash flow, payables and receivables; and considerations in working with various types of revenue streams.

TIME FRAME: This is an (4) four-semester hour course. This course is allotted 15 weeks of time. You must complete all of the requirements for the course successfully by the end of the 15 week period. Please be cognizant of the time frame. Extensions of time are permitted if needed with my and/or departmental approval. Upon successful completion of this course, you will be awarded 4 semester hours of credit.