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CS 130 – Microsoft PowerPoint



COURSE OVERVIEW: Welcome to Introduction to Microsoft Word, a Bachelor Level course. I am pleased to instruct you in this course, which will be a foundational course for the remainder of your studies in the bachelor program. This is a basic course that prepares you to learn and master the Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 software program. In this course you will master various aspects of Microsoft PowerPoint application. When you finish you will have a grasp of the basic concepts and you will master skills necessary to create great looking documents, templates, ‘webready’ documents, tables, charts, ‘graphic-filled’ documents. Letters. Labels, envelopes and much, much more.

I know you will enjoy this course. Please learn as much as you can as you progress through it, as it does lay down a solid foundation for the rest of the curriculum. It is my pleasure to have you in the course.