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EC 430 – Web Architecture

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COURSE OVERVIEW: Web-based services are becoming more common among libraries, whether public, academic, school, or special. These websites are also getting larger and more complex. Users often cannot find the information they need on the website and webmasters are more challenged to effectively develop and maintain their growing and evolving sites. Information Architecture is a theory-based course that will provide an overview of the concepts and practices of information architecture (IA) and also provide students the opportunity to develop practical skills related to information architecture through application of the theories studied to human-centered design of websites.

This course presents an overview of the concepts and practices of information architecture (IA). Students will develop an understanding of the concepts of IA through reading the existing literature related to IA and we will reinforce those concepts by studying complex web sites for real organizations that reflect our best understanding of the organizations mission, processes, goals, clients, suppliers.
I know you will enjoy this course. Please learn as much as you can as you progress through it, as it does lay down a solid foundation for the rest of the curriculum. It is my pleasure to have you in the course.


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