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NRS 525: Health Care Malpractice Case Process


A current licensure as a registered nurse. This course builds on the knowledge and skills acquired in NRS 523 and NRS 524, with an emphasis on nursing and health care malpractice. This comprehensive course covers a wide-array of negligence and malpractice issues. You will examine many dimensions of the core issues involved in negligence and malpractice claims today in clinical nursing practice and other areas of health care practice specialty. There is acute emphasis on all related standards of care and practice in each clinical situation examined. You will gain a much more in-depth education in case analysis and case reporting, as well as in expert witness research and testimony. This is a high level graduate course and requires an extensive amount of reading and studying.

Textbook:Nursing Malpractice (3rd edition). By: Patricia W. Ayer, RN, MSN, LNCC, and Barbara J. Levin. Lawyers & Judges Publishing Co., 2007. ISBN-10# 1933264209.