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CJ 170 – Corrections Theory & Systems



COURSE OVERVIEW: Welcome to “Corrections Theory and Systems”, a Bachelor Level course. I am pleased to instruct you in this course, which will allow you to study the American Correctional system. This course is designed to give you a better understanding of different theories and types of issues addressed in the correctional field on a daily basis.

During this course, you will be exposed to various terms used in the correctional field, correctional theories & programs, as well as the roles in the correctional field. We will not perform an in depth study of these topics. This will be done in later courses. This course will only superficially expose you to all the different views and issues facing a corrections officer in the vast field of corrections.

I am looking forward to mentoring you through this course and enjoy seeing you through this step on your way to completing your Bachelors of Science in Criminal Justice.