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What Our Students Say?

Online schools are often considered to be a bit isolated since they operate from virtual classrooms. This is hardly the case once you join in with an online college community and become attuned to the spirit of excellence sung here every day.

We’ve compiled student reviews from current and past students. In our students’ own words, you will be able to see what their experiences at BSTU were like in the student feedback section below.

You’ll find:

  • Course evaluations
  • Commentary on faculty
  • Student’s experience with technology
  • The credibility of courses
  • The viewpoint on the relevance of courses
  • The advantages of attending BSU
  • And the drawbacks found by our online students

Plus, anything else you can determine by reading the personal experiences and online college reviews shared by former students.

The testimonials of our students are in no way an indicator of how prospective students will perform. However, it will give an overview of the real-life experiences of our online campus.

Alumni accomplishments can also be viewed on the alumni network. Take insight from the impact of real-world professionals that are gaining accolades in their field through our training, and their own determination.

We’ve compiled student reviews from current and past students. In our students’ own words, you will be able to see what their experiences at BSTU were like in the student feedback section below.

Online College Testimonials

I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for your support as I just now completed my degree program. You have developed a program that sets the standard high for online degree programs. All of the people I have come in contact with at Breyer State Theology University have been extremely helpful and all responded to my emails very quickly. I found the program content to be very relevant and I didn’t have to spend a lot of time reviewing material that bored me or was irrelevant to my practice.

– L. S.

“I had a very positive experience at Breyer State Theology University. The variety of programs offered allowed me to select a degree program that really met my needs for online learning.”

– T.M.

“I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate Breyer State Theology University. I realized from the very beginning of my Ph.D. program, that I was working with a very professional establishment. My professor has been incredibly knowledgeable in his field and I really appreciate the fact that he emails me quickly and personally. I am so glad that I found an online program built around integrity, honesty and concern for students. I highly recommend Breyer State Theology University.”

– Beth H.

“I searched many online degree completion programs and found Breyer State Theology University second-to-none. The information gathering, registration, classes online, as well as receiving help from my instructors was a positive experience. I am looking forward to returning to Breyer State Theology University to obtain my masters.”

– Anthony B

“After years of on-campus university studies, this is my first experience with online study. I found it not only to be a good learning experience, but it fitted into my professional schedule flawlessly.”

– Edward L.

“After searching on the internet for colleges to obtain my degree, I finally found Breyer State Theology University

The program that I was in was self-paced, and that in itself was enough for me to say yes. I now have my BS degree and I immediately stood out among my peers. When I retire from the military, I know my chances are better for getting that higher paying job. Bravo Zulu Breyer!”

– Anthony S.

“Before I was accepted at Breyer, I spent many, many hours on the internet researching other schools which offered online courses. Breyer was by far the best college for the money. Between a full-time job and studying and taking exams, it was the most extraordinary time of my life – and I’m 56 years old!”

– Rita L.

“I want to thank BSTU for an excellent online education opportunity. The faculty and staff at BSTU were very helpful in creating a program to meet my educational needs.”

– William S

“Breyer States Theology University Doctorate program is allowing me to fulfill a lifetime goal, while still working. The self-paced classes allow me the flexibility I need. The faculty is supportive and concerned with the quality of my education. The best advantage is the contact with other students from all over the world. It provides a unique opportunity to network globally, which can’t be found in traditional classrooms.”

– Sue C.

Breyer State Theology University was excellent in helping me obtain my degree. My advisor was helpful and always gave encouragement. Questions were answered in a timely manner and you were treated as an individual with personal attention. I plan on obtaining my Master’s degree through Breyer State.”

– Barbara B.

” As a doctoral student at Breyer State Theology University, I have been able to offer my views and display my academic talents in a structured learning environment. I have been able to advance my studies through detailed and regimental learning, executed sound time management skills, as well as take part in the analytical, experiential, and fluid process of learning. I was able to ‘think outside the box’, and transcend my mind towards higher levels of thinking. Most importantly, I was able to devote my time and energy toward a goal that will apply to my everyday life and beyond.”

– Jason A.

As always, I am so very pleased with my instructor; her knowledge, fast responses and thoughtful comprehensive answers to my questions. She has vast knowledge and I have learned “mountains” of invaluable information. Her teaching style is second to none and I have taken a lot of online courses elsewhere. I also cherish and use my textbooks every single day in my own practice. It is wonderful! Thank you for this degree program, I am learning a lot from a very competent and caring teacher (Dr. Andrea Adams).”

– Tammy McG.

“I strongly support the mission of Breyer State Theology University and desire to see its continued success. I believe I was granted the self-sufficiency to gain the knowledge I desire in an area of practice which promotes personal and professional growth. The expectations and quality of work required by Breyer StateTheology University are incomparable. In seeking an opportunity to obtain a graduate degree, I reviewed many online and traditional programs; no other university offers the courses and learning formats that Breyer StateTheology University makes available. I am confident in my learning experiences. I would encourage professionals seeking an advanced degree to look twice at Breyer StateTheology University.”

– T. Jones

I am writing this unsolicited commentary on behalf of Breyer StateTheology University. Recently, there has been a rash of comments on the internet concerning the credibility of the education offered through the programs at BSU. I feel it necessary to set the record straight or at least give my personal opinion regarding BSU’s academic rigor that I personally experienced.

In the course of human development, each individual is confronted with various learning experiences. In centuries past, education was passed on by word-of-mouth, story-telling, and many other culturally accepted activities. Learning was accomplished, civilizations flourished, and nations grew. During this process, mankind has sought optimum ways to convey knowledge.

With the advent of capitalism, the concepts of marketing that include advertising, product, placement, and price have grown into their own and are used extensively around the world. Marketing and its activities have created a mindset, a paradigm if you will, that the rubber stamp of “accreditation” automatically ensures a top-notch education where the focus of the institution is the success of its students. This may or may not be true. The fact is that American institutions have convinced the public, government, and those in seats of authority to believe that an accredited school is superior to those that have chosen to be independent.

This “good-ole-boy” mentality has persuaded many that not-for-profit, state-funded colleges have better teachers and better programs. For example, College of Coastal Georgia is a non-profit, state-funded institution. It is funded by taxes and also charges tuition. According to my previous students and those currently attending, some of the instructors are ill-equipped, non-compassionate, and ethnocentric. My previous students and I call them such, because I taught at CCGA for 8.5 years part-time, have come to me at various times and discussed their educational problems, classroom experiences, and personal opinions of the instructors currently employed there. The students’ opinions are that many instructors are uninformed and unprepared for their class and have little real-world experience. The students are dissatisfied. If one is to be an instructor, they must have a passion for their subject and for their students. I must say I wasn’t surprised at their comments having observed this condition while I was employed there.

The mindset that a for-profit academic institution is just taking money and has forsaken the ultimate goal of educating their customer, the student, in my opinion, is not the case with BSTU. It has been my experience while completing my Ph.D., that my advisor was completely dedicated to my mastering the subject areas in each class, and providing a quality product in my final dissertation. Dr. Moran, my advisor, was effective, committed, and professional in her direction, counseling, and mastery in relation to my degree. Having attended other institutions that would be approved of by the “good-ole-boys,” as accredited institutions, I saw no difference between them and BSTU.

BSTU is strictly an online school. Technology has afforded us the option of completing our degrees during the time we have available. For those of us who are working, this is very much appreciated. One may venture to speculate that in the future, online will capture the bulk of the market. Granted, no one knows the future, but with economies failing and budgets being tightened, it becomes even more important to live within one’s means. There have been families that have been strapped for cash and have leveraged all of their assets to send their children to “approved colleges and universities,” just to learn that their children have wasted four (4) years and thousands of dollars and have walked away having learned little if anything at all.

One issue that must be considered is that of market share. As more and more institutions turn to online services, the archaic paradigm of residential institutions will suffer the loss of market share. Of course, this is to be expected and loss of market share means fewer students, and this in turn will affect funding. Well, I am sure one can see where this turn of events would affect the ivory towers of academia.

At 58, my entire life has been one of academic pursuit and experiential learning. Having been an employer and employee, it was important to hire employees that could do the job as opposed to employees that shine in sheep skins.

As others have done, I too have reviewed the comments concerning BSU. Some were unfavorable, many were complimentary. I also have reviewed the biographies of the faculty that is associated with BSTU. The result, for me, was one of satisfaction. BSU has talented and competent educators. Each one brings to the forefront of knowledge and experience. It is up to the student to demand quality, to seek the level of expertise from the faculty that fulfills the educational need they are aspiring to complete. BSTU has had an uphill battle against the status quo in this country. The country’s politically-connected establishments are the only ones that provide quality as a misnomer.

As for me, I have had a rewarding experience with BSTU. I am proud of my accomplishments. No one has given me anything. I have worked for it. Accreditation, measuring up to someone’s standards, is politically motivated through the avenues of capitalism. It is my desire that the future will bring change and also shift the mindsets in favor of the student, the customer. My best to BSU and its staff during the coming years.

– D Fowler

So far all the classes that I have taken exceeded my expectations.


Tanesha Morgan did a wonderful job of communicating the expectations for the course. Always available for questions/comments/assignments, etc.. W.B

The instructor was very helpful during the course, he gave feedback for every single assignment and that help me learn in a very interactive way. A.D.

The challenges and assignments presented in this course were very enlightening, and they, along with the encouragement provided by Professor Juan Kenigstein, have assured me that I am on the right path.


It was a pleasure studying under the guidance of Professor Townsend. His enthusiasm, support and availability were a real source of motivation.


Great experience. Met my expectations. Course length towards course completion (based on student’s needs) was accommodating (and quite ideal). Thank you!


This University has helped me in meeting my goals and aspirations. The method used by the university in teaching and assisting in getting one work done is outstanding. I have been and will continue to recommend this university to all my friends who want to pursue higher education.


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