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Recent Doctoral Projects

This page of our website lists approved projects of Breyer State Theology University students and graduates. We are proud to present this list and we applaud our students/graduates for their excellence in research and development of such high quality projects. This list is revised on a regular basis so that as many doctoral projects as possible may be listed.

Some of the students’ comments here refer to old programs not offered at the university now.

Breyer State Theology University

Project NameStudent or Gradute Name
Medical Family Therapy Psycho-Oncology/Psycho-Cardiology: Improving the Delivery of Care for Cancer and Cardiac Patients and their FamiliesWalter LeRoy Elam
Cultural Reproduction or Eclectic Approach? An Analysis of the Development of the Formal Public Education System in Jamaica in the Context of the English Colonial Experience.Leon A. Barrett
An Exploratory Study of Corporate Governance: The Effects of Board Information Impoverishment on Corporate Malfeasance in the US Business Community.William Anthony Ryan
Do Patients Expect Primary Care Providers to be Interested in Spiritual Issues in an Outpatient Setting?William G. Morrozoff, Jr.
The Affect of Distance Learning Education on the Student Enrolled in a State of South Carolina Technical CollegeJoe E. Cooper
Direct and Indirect Health Care Costs Associated with Obesity: A Study on Cardiovascular PatientsMohammad Hawa
Arts Education, Student Achievement, and Cross-Cognitive Association. William R. Donald
The Impact of Team Dynamics in an Accelerated ClassroomMichael Leamy
Paradigm Shifts in Early LearnersKeysha Breedlove/Garcia
Terrorist Groups and the Alignment to Conduct Global TerrorismJohn Fraser
Music, Higher Brain Function and Spatial-Temporal Reasoning: Is There Enough Proof? Najla Al Ajlan
Dual Diagnosis in Substance AbusersPeg Lord
Leadership in Public OrganizationsC. Daniel Green
Meet Mary Ellen Pleasant: a Three DVD Archive on Pleasant, her Chautauqua and its Context Cheryl A. Susheel Bibbs
Establishing a Commission to Study Financial Exploitation of the Elderly and Persons with Disabilities: A Study to Legislative Bill 461Jeffrey s. Czarnec
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: Neurofeedback the Future SolutionBarbara Ellen Forsey
The Impact of Peer Tutoring Programs on the Academic Experiences of NCAA Division I Student AthletesDebra L. Cane
The Effectiveness of Hypnosis in Organized SportsChris Brock
The Use of Hypnosis on Solution-Focused Treatment: A Powerful Tool for Client EmpowermentAllen S. McCormick
Comparisons of Personality Type and Temperament and Psychopathological Indicator between Evengelical and Mainline Denominational Women Seeking CounselingDeborah Lynn Brock
Principles of Military Strategy and its Parallels in Business WarfareAnjur T.K. Raman
The Leveraging of Best-Practice Internet StrategiesJoseph Rinoza Plazo
Social Housing in Developing Countries: A Case for Housing Co-OperativesBola Smithers Odepidan
The Effectiveness of Marketing Strategies for EducatorsRita Mary Seipp
Higher Rates of Non-Relapse in the “Calles De Amor” Drug Rehabilitation Program Due to a Spiritual Dimension in TreatmentOsvaldo O. Marino
The Effects of Irlen Filters on Reading Based Difficulties in School Age ChildrenDr. Sara Erman
Capital Structure of Firms after an Initial Public OfferingJason S. Adolphus
Crimes Against Humanity in East Timor: An AnalysisRadmila Dimitrijevic
Development & Analysis of a Health Promotion Program for Adolescence Health at New Hope Midlands.Amanda R. Jones
A Christ-Centered Approach for the Child Athlete Experiencing Tragedy, Trauma and Loss. William Scott Lineberry
An Exploratory Study of Human Resource Management in the Tourism Industry: Development of a Human Resource Management Model for Deployment within Namibian Community-based Tourism SectorMariana C. Niehaus
An Exploratory Study of Sexual Harassment: The Effects of Sexual Harassment in the Organizational Climate of Mexican Public and Private Institutions.Juan Manuel Cisneros Beltran
The Influence of Professional Immigrants from India on the Workforce of British Columbia Businesses.Amrik S. Sidhu
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: The Life Experience of Immigrant Refugees in Midwest USA.Sirisio F. Oromo
Kardex: Its Role in Communication and Patient Care Management.EM Vitug Garcia
An Analysis of Sales Strategy Differences of Small Businesses in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA and in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. Billy Oswaldo Levia
The Effects of Light Emitting Diode (LED) Light on Cutaneous and Sub-Cutaneous Human Tissue.Frank P. Slezak
Human Error Modeling within the Context of Information Management.George John Bakehouse
Union and Non-Union Labor: A Comparative Study of How Each Values the Vocational Education Product in Delaware.Patrick W. Lloyd
Mappick Navigation System and Method: A Scientific and Empirical Analysis.Adrian Gluck
A Mature Student Success Strategies ProjectMonica N. Sheridan
Quality Management in the Public Sector: A Study of the Possibilities and Limitations in the Application of Principles, Concepts, and Methods in the ISO-9001: 2000 Standard. Renato Bottini
The Search for an Appropriate Curriculum for all Students, Leaving No Child Behind. Lorraine Taddei-Graef
Analysis of the Mediating Effect of Gender Differences on Predicting Academic Test Outcomes in United States Navy Basic Training.Charles Anthony Ennis
Using the European Union and the Euro to Determine Whether a Free Trading Zone is Automatically Enhanced by the Adoption of a Single Currency.Glenn R. Davies
A New Model for Denier Specific Sex Offender Groups Utilizing the Facets of Sex Offender Denial (FoSOD) and the Denial Expression Numerical Inventory (DENI) Score Sheet for Therapists to Measure Changes in Denier Response to Treatment.William F. Gouveia
The Impact of the Superintendent’s Disciplinary Hearings on Identified At-Risk Students’ Behaviors.H. James Wasser
Cultural Barriers to Improved Organizational Performance: The Challenge of Raising Technical and Labor Saudi Staff in Saudi Arabia.Abdallah M. Idris
Transformational, Transactional & Charismatic Leadership: Moving Beyond Organizational Normality. Calvin A. Padgett
Twelve-Step Groups: A Cost-Effective Adjunct Tool to Recovery for the Elderly.James F. Perdue
The Development of a Student/Parent Handbook for Marion Middle School.Janie W. Downer
An Exploratory Study of the Relationship Between Poverty and Risky Sexual Behaviors Among Vulnerable and Marginalized Communities in Uganda.Tom G. Omach
A Mature Student Success Strategies ProjectMonica N. Sheridan
An Analysis of Keiretsu Systems Models for Japanese Business Operations.Yjuiro Sakamoto
The Importance of Employing Experiential Learning to Enhance Knowledge and Teaching Style.John J. Longhofer
The Intricate Mediators of the Land Reform in Zimbabwe: Imperatives that Propelled the Fast Track Land Redistribution Leading to Economic Meltdown.Emmanuel Chinyamakobvu
Governance of the Investor-Entrepreneur Relationships: Empirical Support of Some Outcomes and Limitations of The Economic ApproachMarcel Mboa
Revising an Associate Degree Nursing Program Curriculum to Match the Changing Student Population: Promoting Programmatic and NCLEX-RN Success.Margery R. Orr
Kinesthetic Tactual Brain Ignition: Teaching Strategies & Techniques that Support Diverse Learners in Today’s Educational SettingLucille Ann Luckner Smassanow
Causes of Premature Failures on Niger National I: Theories, Realities, and Application. Amadou Saleye
A Discussion and Analysis of the United States and Developing CountriesGhirmai Tesfai Kefela
Human Resource Behavioral Intervention Strategies for Organizations Seeking Performance Improvement: A Study of the Employee Recruitment & Selection Practices of Banks in Nigeria.Ronald Iwu-Egwuonwu
Earthly Loss/Spiritually Found. Traveling the Spiritual Pathway through the Grieving ProcessMadalyn R. Woodruff
The Shift Toward Top Female Political LeadersLon L. Williams
Suicide Intervention: The Importance of Care as a Therapeutic ImperativeKathleen B. Stephany
Philosophical Tensions Relevant to Church Music Ministry: A Traditional Perspective and Exploratory Examination of the Growing Conflict between Dual Philosophies.Craig Edwin Rider
Tuberculosis Care and the Battle Against Tuberculosis in the “Third Reich” in the City of Hamburg Between 1933-1945Mathias Vogel
Historical Evolution of Leadership: What the Future HoldsRobert Siino
An Exploratory Study of Communication and Leadership: An Analysis and Juxtaposition of Communication Skills, Styles, and Leadership Qualities Stavros F Baroutas
Epistemology of Forgiveness in the Isomorphic Applications of Traditional and Alternative Therapeutic InterventionsRonald Mark Young
The Access to Essential MedicinesBhanyat Lukanakul
An Exploratory Study of the Impact of Information Technology Evolution on Corporate Management and Japanese Corporate Management PracticesHiroshi Ota
An Etymological and Theological Study of thed Holy Spirit for the Purpose of Equipping Church Members to Better ServiceDon W Jones
Growing as a Christian Leader: Living God’s PurposeRandy L Luckette
Bridging the Gap to Understanding: Recognizing Home Schooling as a Viable Alternative to Public Education and Finding the Common Ground Between Home Schooling and Traditional EducationCheryl A Lanza
The Synthesis of an Operational Risk Management Framework for Improving Patient SafetyGreogry V Embree
Teacher Collaboration: Developing a Professional Development Program for Government School Teachers in Brunsei DarrussalamDonald Wallce Nixon
Financing Infrastructure Projects in Developing CountriesB H Ravindra
The Comparative Effectiveness of Discovery Centered Instruction versus Textbook Centered Instruction in the College Physics ClassesJohn Giannattasio
An Analysis of Job Growth Efficiency and Presidential Accountability Since 1977Cary G Krenk
Living through Thirty-five Years of AutomationEugene M. Woodard
Prison Education: How Effective is it in Reducing RecidivismGladys E White
Cross-Cultural Comparison of Grief and Loss of North American & Hindu Trinidadian YouthLora K. Jones
HIV/AIDS Curriculum: A Multiple Prevention Intervention Strategy for the Youth and Adolescents in Secondary Schools and Tertiary Institutions in Kenya.John Martin Ogur Okoth
An Evaluation of the National Security Personnel System (NSPS) and its’ Potential Impact on the United States Department of Defense’s Human Resource Management SystemRodney A. Farmer
The Benefits and Deficiencies of Managed Care with Respect to Services for Substance AbuseMaria Garcia
Leading a Multi-Generational Workforce: An American Business ImperativeCynthia A Mallon
Reliability Matrix in Optical Information SystemsAnees Ahmed
The Musical Theater – A Touchstone of American Culture and an Argument for Legitimacy as Dramatic LiteratureLarry A Brechner
Religion, Psychoneuroimmunology & the Search for Meaning: An Exploration of Dr. Harold Koenig’s Research on the Benefits of Religious Practice for Physical & Psychological Health With Implications for Grief Counselors Timothy D. Martin
Cure Approach: Understanding and Preventions of Bullying in Elementary SchoolsChristine Rogers-Rader
A Study of Job Satisfaction, Productivity, and Leadership Behaviors: The Effects of Leadership Behaviors on Employee Outcomes Sinead M. Petersen
The Down Fall of Our Future: Setting Up Our Juveniles for FailureJanis Curry
SMART TEAM – Student Mentors and Resource Team – A Resource Guide for the Social and Academic Mentoring of At-Risk Male Students of Color.William J. Stonis
An Examination and Remedy to the Systemic Failures in Canadian Hate Crime ProsecutionAbbee Corb
Integrating Complementary Medicine into Advanced Practice Nursing/Primary Care – Academic Program Development at the University of Maryland, Baltimore School of Nursing Todd F. Ambrosia
Learning Disability Identification Measures and Gender: Their Effect on Eligibility for Special Education ServicesWilliam J. Koerner
Analysis and Adaptation of Western Organizational Behavior Theories to Post-Soviet EnvironmentsStephen G. Wright
Student Enterprise Development of the Institute of Technical Education (ITE): A Study to Examine Students’ Interest and Motivation Towards Entrepreneurship.Koo Yee Siong
The Relationship Between Mentoring Programs and Adolescent Delinquency in African American Youth in an Urban AreaFrederick A Trasher
Internalization Management as the Tool to Operate Born-Global Firms: In-Depth Analysis of using the Narrative-Textual Care Study TechniqueAdli Abouzeedan
The Relationship Between Mentoring Programs and Adolescent Delinquency in African American Youth in an Urban AreaFrederick A Thrasher
Personal Perceptions of Occupational Burnout and Mental Well-Being in Frontline Staff Working with Juvenile Sex OffendersCharles Ukaoma
Business Intelligence for Supply Chain Management: A Real Case Study and Lessons LearnedRanga Nathan
The Evaluation of African Americans Ages 21-40 with Professional and White Collar Careers: A Study of Equality in the Workplace.Wellington Williams
A Case Study of Environmental Waste Management: Waste Management and Recycling – Assessment of the Effectiveness of Waste Management Practices in the Oil-Field IndustryMohammad Aref Mohalhel
The Paradox of a Communist Totalitarian Government Utilizing Capitalism as an Economic Growth Driver: A Case Study of Peoples’ Republic of ChinaChristo-Mary J. Udokang (Mr)
Online Self Improvement of Emotional IntelligenceJudith Sheleg
Are Business and Commerce Culturally Neutral Zones?Allen Pouravanes
How Time, Education & Experience (TEE) Affect the Leadership Development Process Samuel Morgan
To what extent do teachers at two international schools implement effective ‘Assessment for Learning’ practices in the classroom?Daniel Moore
How to Get Along with OthersCatherine Gneiting
The Use of Creative Art & Written Expression through the Symbolism of the Butterfly to Facilitate the Sharing of Thoughts, Feelings and Actions Experienced in Journeying through Loss Susan Catlett
Self Awareness and AddictionNisha Rani
Policing in the 21st Century: A Multi-Dimensional Case Study and Examination of Statistical-Based Policing (COMPSTAT) from Reporting, Evaluation, Practice and Challenges of the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department Harold Wells
Generational Differences in the Workplace: Leadership-Influenced Practices that Impact Human Resource Management in Healthcare.Sandra Yates
An Analysis of Fraud Control and Prevention in Banking Industry (Case Study of Intercontinental Bank PLC of Nigeria)Faleye Sunday
Utilization of Nonsense Words in Phonics InstructionEdith Norninella
An Exploratory Study to Examine Boards of Nursing Regulations for the Advanced Practice – Registered NursesMaxine McGowan
When Students Are Allowed to Wear Clothing They Wish, Some Groups of Students Tend to React Negatively Toward Other Groups, Causing Distractions in The Classroom and An Unsafe Environment. Douglas Barnett
Managers Without Portfolio: A Correlational Study of Racism and its Effects on Minority ProfessionalsSterling Afflick

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