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What Our Faculty Say?

Ever heard the expression that there is no ‘I’ team. Our faculty plays a huge role in our University’s success.

It’s also important to learn what faculty members are usually saying about the institution they work with, as this attitude is reflected on many levels. A faculty staff’s approach affects students’ learning and the university’s success in general.

Faculty Feedback

We house a well-educated staff that are professionals in their respective fields. You can see what they are saying in the faculty testimonial section below.

If you’re here, you can also rate your professor by viewing their individual faculty profiles. We never forget that it takes a great faculty to make a great university, and that’s why we’ve hired the cream of the crop.

The faculty commentary section may be helpful if you want to join our online college as a student or a professor. Since attitudes are somewhat contagious, we like to think our staff feels pleased and privileged to work here. We want everyone to enjoy the same successes we have – educationally, professionally and personally.

BSU also likes for each of our faculty staff and students to exercise the same vision as their alma mater. Our vision is to always execute the a spirit of excellence, whether it’s in teaching or learning.


“It takes great faculty to make a great University. You must have a commitment to excellence and a sincere interest in educating students. I find these qualities in the faculty and administrative staff at BSU admirable. It is the reason I joined the BSTU faculty. The high caliber of my students amazes me every week. Many hold down full time jobs and respond as motivated learners. The quality of their work is outstanding.”

– Mark Barabas, DHA

“I am pleased to be a faculty member at BSTU. BSTU is a leading institution for online education with its innovative approach. Its academic programs are well-designed to give the highest quality. They meet the needs and expectations of highly motivated degree-seeking students. My students are very serious about their studies and they are curious learners. I enjoy helping them reach their career endeavors.”

– Oz Inanli, Ph.D

“It is a privilege for me to be a part of the innovative, progressive and cutting edge institution BSTU represents. It has been clear to me from the time I joined this knowledgeable faculty that the student and his/her needs are truly the focus of all members of BSTU. If a student truly seeks excellence in education, BSTU is the first choice.”

– David Dutcher, Ph.D

“I am very proud to be a faculty member at Breyer State Theology University. I can attest that BSU students experience the highest quality education possible. The BSTU administration staff are great. They care and are quick to respond to all faculty and student needs.”

– Dr. Al Infande, Ed.D

“Online education is no longer the ‘wave of the future’; it is established, growing rapidly and here to stay. Breyer State Theology University is premier in its ability to provide a complete ‘brick and mortar’ educational experience while affording students the convenience of learning from home. The support system from BSTU Administration for students and faculty alike is unparalleled. It is a privilege to be associated with Breyer State Theology University and the incomparable quality of all that it encompasses.”

– Sherrie Kvamme, MS, MA

“It is with great enthusiasm that I submit this statement: Breyer State Theology University’s mission and philosophy is to promote educational opportunities to the students we serve. At BSTU, our work is a result of our conviction that the educational setting is a vital link to self-empowerment to many of our students. I represent BSTU with the outmost professionalism and integrity. Together we make a positive impact in providing exceptional educational services.”

– Juan Kenigstein, Ph.D

“Once the best kept secret in education, Breyer State Theology University is now leading the way. BSTU is relatively new, yet we’re already being referred to by other universities who lack certain courses. The faculty and staff here truly care about their students, each other, and their work. This university is headed for the stars, and I feel both proud and blessed to be along for the ride.”

– Shawn C. George, MS, BSW

“It is a privilege to be part of the BSTU faculty. Instructing is truly a rewarding experience. I believe in providing leadership, motivation, support, and interaction for students through distant learning in a virtual setting. Learning is an ongoing process that results in achievement and success.”

– Mary Jo Libal, BA

“I am honored to be a part of the faculty at BSTU. I support Breyer State Theology University’s innovative approach to education and the high quality of the programs offered. The students that have been assigned to me are very serious about achieving their education goals. It is truly a privilege to work with such motivated students.”

– Dennis R. Robinson, Ed.D

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Breyer State Theology University meets the requirements for code 1005.06 (1)(f) set by the Department of Education Florida,  Commission on Independent Education.

BSTU offers 6 Ethereal Programs in Business and Grief only. Old programs have been discontinued. Our educational programs prepare students for religious vocations as ministers, professionals, or laypersons in the categories of ministry, counseling, theology, education, administration, music, fine arts, media communications, or social work.