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Success stories


I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for your support as I now complete my degree program. You have developed a program that sets the standard for on-line degree programs. All of the people I have come in contact with at Breyer State Theology University have been extremely helpful and all responded to my e-mails very quickly. I found the program content to be very relevant and I didn’t have to spend a lot of time reviewing material that bore no relevance to my practice.

– L. S.

“I had a very positive experience at Breyer State Theology University. The variety of programs offered allowed me to select a degree program that really meets my needs for online learning.”

– T.M.

“I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate Breyer State Theology University. I realized from the very beginning of my Ph.D. program, that I was working with a very professional establishment. My professor has been incredibly knowledgeable in his field and I really appreciate the fact that he emails me quickly and personally. I am so glad that I found an On-Line Program built around integrity, honesty and concern for their students. I highly recommend Breyer State Theology University.”

– Beth H.

“I searched many on-line degree completion programs and found Breyer State Theology University second-to-none. Information gathering, registration, classes’ on-line as well as receiving help from my instructors was a positive experience. I am looking forward to returning to Breyer State Theology University to obtain my masters.”

– Anthony B

“After years of on campus university study this is my first experience with on line study. I found it not only to be a good learning experience but to fit in my professional schedule.”

– Edward L.

“After searching on the internet to choose a college to obtain my degree, I finally found Breyer State Theology University…The program that I was in was self paced, and that in itself was enough for me to say yes. I now have my BS degree and I immediately stood out among my peers, and when I retire from the military, I know my chances are better in getting that higher paying job. Bravo Zulu Breyer State!”

– Anthony S.

“Before I was accepted at BSTU, I spent many, many hours on the Internet researching other schools which offered online courses. Breyer was by far the best college for the money. Between a full time job and studying and taking exams, It was the most extraordinary time of my life – and I’m 56 years old!”

– Rita L.

“I want to thank BSU for an excellent online education opportunity. The faculty and staff at BSTU were very helpful in creating a program to meet my educational needs.”

– William S

“BSTU Doctorate program is allowing me to fulfill a life time goal, while still working. The self paced classes allow me the flexibility I need. The faculty are supportive and concerned with the quality of my education. The best advantage is the contact with other students from all over the world, it provides a unique opportunity to network, not found in traditional classrooms.”

– Sue C.

“Breyer State Theology University was excellent in helping me to obtain my degree. My advisor was helpful and always gave encouragement. Questions were answered in a timely manner and you were treated as an individual with personal attention. I plan in obtaining my Masters degree through BSTU.”

– Barbara B.

” As a doctoral student at Breyer State Theology University, I have been able to offer my views and display my academic talents in a structured, learned environment. I have been able to advance my studies through detailed and regimental learning, executed sound time management skills, as well as take part in the analytical, experiential, and fluid process of learning. I was able to ‘think outside the box’, and transcend my mind towards higher levels of thinking. Most importantly, I was able to devote my time and energies towards a goal that will apply to my everyday life and beyond.”

– Jason A.

As always I am so very pleased with my instructor; her knowledge, fast responses and thoughtful comprehensive answers to my questions. She has vast knowledge and I have learned “mountains” of invaluable information. Her teaching style is second to none and I have taken a lot of online courses elsewhere. I also cherish and use my textbooks every single day in my own practice. It is wonderful! Thank you for this degree program, I am learning a lot from a very competent and caring teacher (Dr. Andrea Adams).”

– Tammy McG.

“I strongly support the mission of Breyer State Theology University and desire to see its continued success. I believe I was granted the autonomy to gain the knowledge I desire in an area of practice which promotes personal and professional growth. The expectations and quality of work required by Breyer State Theology University are second to none. In seeking an opportunity to obtain a graduate degree, I reviewed many online and traditional programs; no other university offers the courses and learning formats that Breyer State Theology University makes available. I am confident in my learning experiences. I would encourage professionals seeking an advanced degree to look twice at Breyer State Theology University.”

– T. Jones

“It takes great faculty to make a great University. You must have a commitment to excellence and a sincere interest in educating students. I find these qualities in the faculty and administrative staff at BSTU. It is the reason I joined the BSU faculty. The high caliber of my students amazes me every week. Many hold down full time jobs and respond as motivated learners. The quality of their work is outstanding.”

– Mark Barabas, DHA

“I am pleased to be a faculty member at BSTU. BSTU is a leading institution for online education with its innovative approach and its academic programs are well-designed and have the highest quality. They meet the needs and expectations of highly motivated degree-seeking students. My students are very serious about their studies and they are curious learners. I enjoy helping them reach their career endeavors.”

– Oz Inanli, Ph.D

“It is a privilege for me being a part of the innovative, progressive and cutting edge institution Breyer State represents. It has been clear to me from the time I joined the knowledgeable faculty that the student and his/her needs are truly the focus of all members of BSTU. If a student truly seeks excellence in education, BSTU is the first choice.”

– David Dutcher, Ph.D

“I am very proud to be a faculty member at Breyer State Theology University. I can attest that BSU students experience the highest quality education possible. The BSTU administration staff are great. They care and are quick to respond to all faculty and student needs.”

– Dr. Al Infande, Ed.D

“Online education is no longer the ‘wave of the future’; it is established, growing rapidly and here to stay. Breyer State Theology University is premier in its ability to provide a complete ‘brick and mortar’ educational experience while affording students the convenience of learning from home. The support system from BSTU Administration for students and faculty alike is unparalleled. It is a privilege to be associated with Breyer State Theology University and the incomparable quality of all that it encompases.”

– Sherrie Kvamme, MS, MA

“It is with great enthusiasm that I submit this statement: Breyer State Theology University’s mission and philosophy is to promote educational opportunities to the students we serve. At BSTU, our work is a result from our conviction that the educational setting is a vital link to self-empowerment to many of our students. I represent BSTU with the outmost professionalism and integrity. Together we make a positive impact in providing exceptional educational services.”

– Juan Kenigstein, Ph.D

“Once the best kept secret in education, Breyer State Theology University is now leading the way. BSTU is relatively new, yet we’re already being referred to by other universities who lack certain courses. The faculty and staff here truly care about their students, each other, and their work. This university is headed for the stars, and I feel both proud and blessed to be along for the ride.”

– Shawn C. George, MS, BSW

“It is a privilege to be part of the BSU faculty. Instructing is truly a rewarding experience. I believe in providing leadership, motivation, support, and interaction for students through distant learning in a virtual setting. Learning is an ongoing process that results in achievement and success.”

– Mary Jo Libal, BA

“I am honored to be a part of the faculty at BSU. I support Breyer State Theology University’s innovative approach to education and the high quality of the programs offered. The students that have been assigned to me are very serious about achieving their education goals. It is truly a privilege to work with such motivated students.”

– Dennis R. Robinson, Ed.D

“I am pleased to be on a faculty that utilizes innovative strategies and media to deliver quality education to students who would not have the opportunity otherwise. I believe that education should be affordable and available; BSTU makes this possible. I support the vision of BSU and I excpect the trend to be replicated among many universities within the next ten years. The beauty about it is, by then, BSTU will be known as being one of the first universities to offer such flexibility; hence, I expect this university to continue to lead.”

– Warren Seetahal, MBA