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HCA 320 – Managing Health Care II



COURSE OVERVIEW: Welcome to Managing in Healthcare II. This course is the second in the series Of Managing in Healthcare Delivery at the Bachelor level HCA series. It is my pleasure to have you as a student again.

HCA 320 is a Healthcare Delivery course which is complimentary to HCA 310. Health insurance models and basic managed care principles are reviewed. You are also introduced to the concepts of healthcare economics. This course gives you an indication of how complex managing healthcare delivery is and introduces topics you will study in more detail in successor courses.

TIME FRAME: This is a 4-semester hour course. This course is allotted 15 weeks of time. You must complete all of the requirements for the course successfully by the end of the 15-week period. The first day of week one will begin the day that you register for the course, or the day which you notify me that your textbook has arrived and you are ready to begin your studies. Please be cognizant of the time frame. It is rare that extensions of time are permitted, unless you have good justification. Upon successful completion of this course, you will be awarded 4-semester hours of credit.