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EC 490 – Capstone Project



A NOTE FROM YOUR INSTRUCTOR: Welcome to E-Business Capstone Project, my name is William Flood, your instructor. I am happy to be your instructor in this course, which is the final course in the e-business/e-commerce program.

This is an intense project-oriented course that will provide you with the opportunity to explore an issue of your choosing within the field of e-business/e-commerce. Although not required, I highly recommend incorporating some form of fieldwork into this project. That is, actually locating a suitable business and helping them to solve an e-business problem or pursue an opportunity. Such fieldwork takes you beyond the mere academic application of your e-business learning, it offers you practical application of what you have learned. Additionally, it is a resume builder and can help you with career networking opportunities.

The rationale for such a course is simple. In order to be successful in the business world, managers must master skills in research, analysis, written communication, problem solution, management of time, and meeting deadlines – often under pressure. Additionally, managers must be able to pull from the various business disciplines including finance, marketing, management, law, and operations. This course will help you hone those skills.