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EC 410 – Interactive Multimedia Systems



COURSE OVERVIEW: This is a four-hour Bachelor Level course. The course aims to provide you with an overview of the interactive multimedia technology through working with various multimedia tools. You will have an opportunity to learn various tools concentrating on different aspects of the technology: text, graphics, audio, animation, and video, and you will also be able to develop an understanding of interactive multimedia related design principles and are to apply them in developing interactive multimedia-based application. Upon completion of this course, you should be able to have knowledge of different concepts of interactive multimedia technology and instructional design theories and principles related to multimedia. You should also be able to use a variety of multimedia tools and design interactive multimedia-based programs.

TIME FRAME: This is a four-semester hour course. It is allotted 15 weeks of time. You must complete all of the requirements for the course successfully by the end of the 15-week period. The first day of week one will begin the day that you register for the course. Upon successful completion of this course, you will earn 4 semester hours of credit.