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BUS 210: Human Resource Management


This is an exciting course, a course that explores the vast boundaries of various management techniques in dealing with employees. Companies have come to recognize that a highly skilled and motivated workforce is pivotal to success in the world of business today. With stakes so high, employees are literally the intellectual capital that can make or break a corporation's ability to remain competitive.

This is what the course concentrates on: the process of not trying to master people, or manipulate them, or ignore them, but to retrain corporations in the art of working with its staff and not against it. To be sure, this is a paradigm change in thinking. Finally, this course covers the procedures needed to build a proper framework for a professional human resources administration; to the knowledge needed to place the right people in the right places at the right time; to the deft touch on how to handle compensation and other perks; and, finally, to the whys and where’s and when’s and how’s on proper HR troubleshooting.

Textbook:Fundamentals of Human Resource Management. By Raymond Noe; John Hollenbeck; Barry Gerhart; and Patrick Wright. New York , NY.; McGraw Hill: 2007 ISBN: 10:0-07-338147-0