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Horse Courses Online is an information/education company dedicated to providing practical, proven horse training, riding and health care techniques to all who seek a professional or personal partnership with horses.

Study materials are the testimony of Horse Courses Online instructors who have practiced their craft, proven the validity of their accomplishments and are now acting as mentors to those who will create, innovate and challenge the inevitable changes of future horsemanship.

Bringing together nationally recognized professionals in horse training, vetrinary medicine, equine nutrition, law and equine reproduction, Horse Courses Online is the world’s leading provider of online equine study courses. Horse Courses Online provides equine training and health care curriculum for U.S. and foreign colleges, as well as a non-profit equine education foundation.

A source for the latest information in a changing world, Horse Courses Online publishes and distributes equine books, e-books, audio tapes and syndicated columns for specialized media, including newspapers, radio and television. Horse Courses Online instructors have been contributing horse training and health care articles to the international horse community for more than 35 years. It is knowledge, applied to a purpose, which is true power.

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Breyer State Theology University

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“I want to welcome you to Breyer State Theology University. We serve students around the world providing quality degree programs helping them to fulfill their personal and professional goals. I know you will find your experience with our administration, instructors and staff at Breyer State Theology University meet the highest standards of friendliness and professionalism.”
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Breyer State Theology University meets the requirements for code 1005.06 (1)(f) set by the Department of Education Florida,  Commission on Independent Education.

BSTU offers 6 Ethereal Programs in Business and Grief only. Old programs have been discontinued. Our educational programs prepare students for religious vocations as ministers, professionals, or laypersons in the categories of ministry, counseling, theology, education, administration, music, fine arts, media communications, or social work.