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PSY 940: Neuropsychology


The aim of this course is to introduce students to important concepts in neuropsychology and to provide them with a working understanding of how such knowledge may become useful in a counseling context.

Having a good basic understanding of the brain and its functions and dysfunctions is indeed valuable for counselors. You will encounter professional situations in which this knowledge will allow you to rule out certain diagnoses or make appropriate referrals instead of embarking on potentially fruitless therapeutic endeavors. It will also give you the tools to work more effectively with a broader range of clients (for example with those who have suffered memory loss or who suffer from neurological disorders). It will generally help you to see some ways in which emotional/psychological dynamics overlap with biological/neurological ones.

Textbook:Introducing Neuropsychology (2002), by John Stirling, published by both Psychology Press ( and by Taylor & Francis, Inc. ISBN 0-415-22759-3