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PSY 230: World Religions on Death and Dying


This course provides a comprehensive look at world religions and their perspectives on death and dying. Within the course, you will examine both Eastern and Western philosophies on death and the next life. Within the personal aspect of death, the course will delve into various ideals of heaven, hell, judgment, reincarnation, and other methods of salvation as seen through the prism of multiple religious ideals. In addition to personal death, the course also examines the broader elements of eschatology or end times. This course provides for knowledge acquisition regarding death and dying, specifically related to the religious affiliations of clients. Students will gain a greater insight into client beliefs about death and dying, related to their own beliefs and practices.

Textbook:How Different Religions View Death and Afterlife (2nd Edition). Edited by Christopher Jay Johnson, PhD and Marsha G. McGeee, PhD. The Charles Press, Publishers, Inc. 1988. ISBN: 0-914783-85-8