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OPSY 700: Organizational Psychology


This course provides an introduction to Human Behavior in the work environment and insight to organizational problem solving. Management theories and concepts are reviewed to provide insight to the actions and reactions of today's workforce. Both positive and negative dynamics that affect the attainment of organizational objectives are covered in this course. Behavior and Leadership models are studied in addition to analyzing the types of communications used by the workforce. Organizational Social Systems and Culture make very interesting circumstances possible at the work place. The study of motivational models and appraisal systems provide insight to how and why people respond to particular variables. Leadership styles, empowerment and participation are bread and butter topics of study for all future and current managers. The effects of employee attitudes provide guidance to better performance and job satisfaction of the workforce. A review of ethical issues and conflict resolution provides a basic skill assessment for each student.

Textbook: Organizational Behavior. By Robbins, S. P, and Judge, T. A.; Prentice Hall, Simon and Schuster Company, Saddle River, NJ, 14th Edition: 2011. ISBN # 0136124380.