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NRS 925: Nursing Clinical Specialty Seminar III


This course is designed as an Independent Study learning course. When you are at this level in the DNS program, you will select one focused area of study within your clinical specialty practice. You now study one focused area of disease/illness, or concept, theory, or modalities/interventions related to their specialty area of study. For example, if you have declared Oncology Nursing as a practice area of specialty, you might elect to conduct your focus of study on Gynelogical Oncology, or Leukemia's, etc.

This course is formatted the same as NRS 900. In this course, you will select another major area of concentration related to your specialty practice, which is different than the study in NRS 900. Topics of study will be approved by me. Areas of focus might be; Advanced Assessment, Care Plan Development, Pathophysiology etc. You may also elect to complete a project for this course of study. Another option is a clinically based preceptorship in the area of specialty concentration.

This course of study is structured around a comprehensive learning contract. You develop a learning contract, which provides ten semester hours of a combination of different learning activities and independent studies focused on your declared specialty.