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NRS 600: Theories of Nursing Practice


This is the first course in the degree program for the Doctor of Nursing Science Degree. It is a foundational course and presents concepts, theories and models of nursing practice. The DNS degree is a clinically focused degree and this course provides you with an overview of the most common theories used and tested today in clinical practice. The focus is on utilizing nursing theories in the decision making process in practice. You will study some early theories, as well as more contemporary theories of practice. The construction of theoretical models and frameworks is clearly presented, along with numerous case studies for each model. Each case study provides for critical thinking related to the planning and implementation of nursing care, based on the model or theory presented. You will also study an overview of the history of nursing theory, as well as the history of each theory or model presented. Information on nursing theorists is also provided.

Doctoral students in Nursing Science require a strong knowledge base of theory in order to make positive contributions to the nursing profession. This knowledge base also prepares nurses to think more critically, and to conduct research in nursing practice.

Textbook:Nursing Theory: Utilization and Application. By Martha RaileAlligood and Ann MarrinerTomey. Second Edition. St. Louis, Mosby: 2002. ISBN # 3230314331.