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CSM 510: Quality and Case Management


This course is formatted at the graduate level of study. It is intended to provide graduate students with the theory, knowledge and application necessary to practice at a more advanced level of case management. Many concepts are presented that impact patient care on a daily basis. If you complete this course you will have a far-reaching knowledge base in which to provide for sound quality improvements in case management practice. You will also be able to commensurate your roles in case management as high level, professional “advocates” for clients. This course also focuses on disease models of case management, as well as complimentary/alternative care modalities and how they may positively impact quality outcomes.

This course will also stimulate higher levels of awareness regarding the need to develop departmental and organizational compliance programs which address adherence to quality mandates. It will also assist advanced practice case managers in taking on a more active role within institutional settings regarding quality assessment and improvement.