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General Education Requirement Courses


General Education Requirement Courses

Bachelor degrees require 32 hours of general education required/elective courses.

General Education courses can be transferred from another university, CLEP, or DANTE.

All students on the bachelor level are required to take 8 elective courses:

  • 2 English Courses
  • 1 Math Course
  • 2 Humanities and Arts Courses
  • 2 Social and Behavioral Science Courses
  • 1 Natural Science and Technology Courses

General Education Requirement Courses Objectives

  • To apply writing and comprehension skills to future courses.
  • To apply mathematical principles to problems and effectively communicate quantitative information.
  • To assess social, economic, psychological, and political issues using the methods and perspectives of the social sciences in society.
  • To utilize computer technology to research, process, synthesize, and communicate information.
  • To integrate the arts and humanities to further your knowledge and education of the world
All Undergraduate Students must take 2 English Courses below:

English Elective Courses

ENG 420 English Writing and Research

4 semester hours

All Undergraduate Students must take 1 Math Course.

Math Elective Courses

MTH 120 Basic College Math / Pre-Algebra

4 semester hours
Course Syllabus Overview
In this course, the student will learn the principles and concepts for basic college math. This course will prepare the student for College Algebra. The student will be required to show learning through exams and assignments.

All Undergraduate Students must take 2 Humanities and Arts Courses. You may choose 2 of the below courses:

Humanities and Arts Elective Courses

HIS 105 American Business History

4 semester hours

HIS 130 World History I

4 semester hours

HIS 135 World History II

4 semester hours

HIS 155 U.S History I

4 semester hours

HIS 159 U.S History II

4 semester hours

All Undergraduate Students must take 2 Social and Behavioral Sciences Courses. You may choose 2 of the below courses:

Social and Behavioral Sciences Elective Courses

EDU 310: Human Growth and Development

4 semester hours
Course Syllabus Overview
core and basic course in this field. In this course you will learn about the behavior and development of a child from pre-birth through eight.

PSY 135: General Psychology

4 semester hours
Course Syllabus Overview
This course covers modern as well as historical approaches to psychology. You will learn about the many areas of psychology, and how science has increased our understanding of the human brain.

PSY 230: World Religions on Death and Dying

4 semester hours
Course Syllabus Overview
This course provides a comprehensive look at world religions and their perspectives on death and dying. Within the course, you will examine both Eastern and Western philosophies on death and the next life. Within the personal aspect of death, the course will delve into various ideals of heaven, hell, judgment, reincarnation, and other methods of salvation as seen through the prism of multiple religious ideals. In addition to personal death, the course also examines the broader elements of eschatology or end times. This course provides for knowledge acquisition regarding death and dying, specifically related to the religious affiliations of clients. Students will gain a greater insight into client beliefs about death and dying, related to their own beliefs and practices.

All Undergraduate Students must take 1 Natural Science and Technology Course. You may choose any of the below courses:

Natural Science and Technology Elective Courses

BIO 420 Microbiology

4 semester hours

CHM 120 General Chemistry I

4 semester hours
Course Syllabus Overview
In this course you will learn the beginning fundamentals of chemistry, which include properties of matter, stoichiometry, chemical bonding, and quantum concepts. Chemistry involves the metamorphosis of matter. Matter is simply anything that occupies space. Since matter changes, it is not eternal since change requires a starting point. Matter thus had to be created, as nothing cannot make something. This is the beginning point of science in general.

PHY 320 Physics

4 semester hours

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