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We offer one of the most affordable higher education programs anywhere.
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It takes great faculty to make a great university
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Breyer State Theology University

 BSTU offers 6 Ethereal Programs in Business and Grief only. Old programs have been discontinued. Our educational programs prepare students for religious vocations as ministers, professionals, or laypersons in the categories of ministry, counseling, theology, education, administration, music, fine arts, media communications, or social work.

It is mandatory for our student to take the folowing classes regardles of the program they are in:

RES 500 World Religions:

World Religions is a course that will give you the necessary knowledge to understand different religious ideals and how to analytically compare and contrast different religious dogmas and beliefs. Through the ability to compare and contrast, you will not merely memorize religious dogmas, but understand the dynamics of different human beliefs and how they affect human interaction.

RES 501 Introduction to Philosophy of Religions:

Philosophy of Religion will start with an overview of the distinction between philosophy and religion, knowledge and belief. There will be analyses on the attributes of God, such as eternity, omniscience and omnipotence. This course will also discuss the philosophical problem of evil in terms of its being a major challenge to belief in God.

RES 502 Violence and Forgiveness:

Violence has been increasingly observed in the world. This course provides classic understandings of violence and its impacts. The Violence and Forgiveness course also explores contemporary writings on violence under the perspective of religion, law, and public policy. It also dwells on models for forgiveness that may be applied to acts of violence, with special emphasis on religions and spiritual significance for Christian churches and other religious traditions.



Breyer State Theology University exists to provide newer, innovative and affordable online higher education programs and courses that meet the needs of a wide and diverse market. We support an adult model of education that is focused, self-paced and supported by dedicated and accomplished faculty. We are dedicated to delivering to our students degree programs that enable them to make contributions not only in their personal lives but in their communities as well. With our virtual online setting, students can study at their own pace to fulfill their educational goals.
We believe in and support the philosophy of distance education in a virtual setting. We believe that advancing technologies support our mission and have allowed us to become a recognized leader in delivering innovative models of education in this new millennium.
We want to provide quality, affordable education to adult learners in an environment that is conductive to their learning. Through our policies we strive to allow our students the flexibility to earn their degree without the constraints of traditional classroom scheduling. Students at Breyer State Theology University are free to enroll, study and complete their degree programs on their own schedule. A student’s proficiency of the subject matter is demonstrated through measurable student objectives detailed individually in each syllabus for each program.

Pursue Higher Education

If you want to realize your dreams of higher education, whether you are a recent high school graduate or a working adult, Breyer State Theology University has built programs in many fields of study to help you make it a reality. We offer Ethereal Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate degrees, and we encourage each individual to be the best they can be. What that means for our educational institution is that our students embrace the power and potential of education.

Our virtual classroom provides the ultimate convenience. We realize that in a hectic society and in an economic downturn, many individuals prefer to work and study simultaneously. That’s why we offer flexible course selections, where you can study at your own pace and within your budget for an online degree.

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