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Bachelor of Science in Information Technology 

Sail with Technology

Are you a tech junkie? Do you live, breathe and study all the latest electronics, devices or computer software? Then a career in IT would be a gratifying livelihood for you, not just because of the salary, but also since you’ll be doing what you love.

The benefits of obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology are endless. IT professionals are able run businesses without a hitch through their knowledge of either hardware or software. Truth be told, everyone needs technology simply because we now live in a technological world.

Online schools for technology offer bachelor’s IT degrees, master’s courses in database management, and doctorate IT degrees too. Below are just a few reasons why getting a degree in IT is a good choice.

Advantages of an Information Technology Online Degree:

  • Versatile Career Choices : - The industries that span technology range from the software industry, telecommunications, web development and more. It’s is also a fast growing field and new occupations are always arising with new technologies.
  • Steady Income: - The salary package for Informational Technology professionals are also quite attractive. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, most IT professionals earn upwards of $45,000 annually. 
  • Stable Industry: -  The annual outlook for the U.S. Technology sector has been stable for the past few years. This info was ascertained from the Fitch Ratings, which is an accredited company that does research and statistics on several industries.

Steady income + stable industry = a good career choice. If you’re considering ways to wet your feet in the industry, an online certification course may be the answer. Technology has also provided solutions for people who’re working full time and want to continue their education. Online colleges offer this solution and some offer the choice to enroll at anytime of the year.

Many career advisors recommend that you pursue an occupation that you already like doing. Turn your passion to profit. If you want to make that step, why wait? There are many online colleges available for studying an IT degree.

Area of Study:

Information Technology

Type of Degree:

Bachelor of Science

Length of Degree:

4 years. Each course has a maximum timeframe of 15 weeks.  You are granted 6 months to complete your capstone project.


A high school diploma or an earned GED.

Estimated Cost of Degree:

$11,600.00 Tuition costs (29 course/$400.00 per course)
$50.00        Enrollment fee
$200.00      Graduation fee
$2,250.00   Estimated textbooks costs
$14,100.00 Estimated total for the program*

(*Please note that this is an estimated cost of your program not the actual cost)

Semester Hours:

8 General requirements/electives - 32 semester hours
11 Core courses - 44 semester hours
9 Concentration courses - 36 semester hours
1 Capstone project course - 8 semester hours

Total Semester Hours - 120

Career Possibilities:

Several career fields this degree will prepare you for are:

Computer Programming

Website Design

Software Design

Database Management

IT Support


The online curriculum offers an innovative approach to higher education. Enrollment is open and students may begin the program at any time. All courses are provided in online classrooms, with on-to-one faculty mentoring. Students also have free access to our comprehensive Study Tactics and Resources Center, with links to subject related web sites, online libraries, articles and research assistance. Our online degree curriculum includes:  

Core Courses:

1.     IT 100      - IT Fundamentals      
2.     MNG 130 - Principles of Mgt  
3.     MNG 250 - Leadership Theory  
4.     BUS 250 - Strategic Mgt
5.     BUS 150 - Marketing    
6.     IT 150     - Computer  Ethics    
7.     IT 190     - Information Security     
8.     IT 210     - Project Mgt Systems    
9.     IT 260     - Web Technologies
10.   MTH 175 - Finite Mathematics      
11.   MTH 235 - Finite Mathematics: Applications

Concentration Courses:

1.    IT 300     - Web Development     
2.    IT 320     - Computer Programming  
3.    IT 340     - Database Systems    
4.    IT 360     - Database Applications     
5.    EC 310   - Object Oriented Technologies  
6.    IT 400     - Networking & Telecommunication
7.    IT 420     - Web Programming     
8.    IT 430     - IT Analysis & Design            
9.    IT 450     - Operating Systems
10.  IT 490     - IT Capstone

TOTAL: 120 Semester Hours

Courses in this curriculum are to be taken in sequence as above.

TUITION: $400.00 per course. Students may register and pay for one course at a time.

Note: cost of tuition does not include cost of text books.

There is also a one time $50.00 admission processing fee.

Course Completion Times: Students are permitted 15 weeks to complete an online course. This may be extended with the permission of the instructor.

TRANSFER CREDITS: Up to 75 percent of the degree may be earned by transfer credits from other schools. For detailed information please CLICK HERE


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